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Showing 1 - 36 of 51 products
Dynamix air can with nozzle extendedDynamix air can, no nozzle
Dynamix Dynamix 400ml Air Duster
Sale price$23.50 ex. GST
Standing on endEnd view
Other Rocket Air Duster
Sale price$12.96 ex. GST
Front of pad
Small box of KimwipesXL box of kimwipes
Kimtech Kimwipes
Sale priceFrom $9.68 ex. GST
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A bottle of Pancro lens cleaner, with lid on
Pancro Pancro Lens Cleaner, 118ml
Sale price$52.49 ex. GST
A Kenair refill can with nozzle attachedKenair refill can, without nozzle
Kenro Kenair Refill, 360ml Can
Sale price$41.52 ex. GST
Brateck LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
Brateck Screen Cleaning Kit
Sale price$12.58 ex. GST
Standing on endClose up of the nozzle
Other Round Air Duster with Plastic Tip
Sale price$7.69 ex. GST
Folded cloth, showing the words "Selvyt. Made In England"Close up of the fabric texture and edge finishing
Other Selvyt Cloth
Sale price$35.78 ex. GST
A black plastic rubbish bag, full, and tied at the top.
Other Rubbish Bags, Black (Various Sizes)
Sale priceFrom $9.80 ex. GST
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Save $2.60
A pack of 5 wheelie bin liners
Other Compostable Bin Liners 140L, 5 Pack
Sale price$5.80 ex. GST Regular price$8.40
A single corn based knife
A single corn based fork
A single cupA sleeve of 25 cups
A pack of multitask rollsShowing the colour and texture of the wipes
Other Multitask Rolls, Green
Sale price$30.47 ex. GST
Black Hand Towel, foldedWhite Hand Towel, folded
Other Hand Towel
Sale price$6.96 ex. GST
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Black Towel
Other Towel, Black
Sale price$8.70 ex. GST
Save $13.63
Valve in packet
Dust Off Dust Off Plus - Vector Valve
Sale price$13.50 ex. GST Regular price$27.13
Attachment on a Kenair canAttachment in packet
Kenro Kenair Dust Vac Attachment
Sale price$18.78 ex. GST
CRC 5.56 front view, lid on
CRC CRC 5.56, 400ml
Sale price$8.96 ex. GST
CRC 808 front view, lid on
CRC CRC 808 Silicone Spray, 500ml
Sale price$12.70 ex. GST
3-In-One Oil, front
Other 3-in-1 Oil, 88.7ml
Sale price$11.13 ex. GST
WD40 Smart Straw, front, with straw extendedWD40 Smart Straw, front, with straw put down
WD40 WD40 Smart Straw, 337ml
Sale price$12.61 ex. GST
WD40 front, lid on
WD40 WD40, 489ml
Sale price$19.04 ex. GST
Front of can
Can of Formula 6
Can of Formula 5, lid on
Bag of rags
Other Bag of Rags 2kg
Sale price$15.22 ex. GST
A roll of Wypall
Kimberly-Clark WypAll Roll
Sale price$51.57 ex. GST
50 pack of green wipes100 pack pink wipes
Other All-Purpose Wipes
Sale priceFrom $8.26 ex. GST
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Save $11.30
Cloth in packetClose up of the cloth texture
Other Leather Chamois Cloth, Medium
Sale price$8.70 ex. GST Regular price$20.00
A pair of cotton gloves
Other Cotton Gloves (Pair)
Sale price$8.00 ex. GST
6 orangewood sticks in a pileClose up of the ends of the sticks, showing each stick has one rounded and one pointy end.
Other Orangewood Sticks, 6 Pack
Sale price$2.26 ex. GST
Puritan cotton swabs in an autoclave bagPuritan cotton swabs
Blue microfibre cloth in plastic wallet
Tangit wipes, front of packet
Tangit Tangit Ethanol Wipes
Sale price$35.65 ex. GST

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