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Single croc clip, side viewSingle croc clip, back view and close up of the spring
Portsmouth Rentals Croc Clips
Sale priceFrom $2.17 ex. GST
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FrontClose up of clappers
Other Full Acrylic Clapperboard
Sale price$40.00 ex. GST
Leather Tajima Holster with knifeLeather Tajima Holster Front
Single plastic spring clampAll 4 sizes next to each other
Other Spring Clamp, Plastic
Sale priceFrom $0.87 ex. GST
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Whole cutterAnother angle
Other Yellow Safety Cutter, Dual Blade
Sale price$3.87 ex. GST
PB Swiss 1387A close up of the end of the tool
Filmtools PB Swiss 1387
Sale price$44.35 ex. GST
Front, clappers openClose up of the clappers
Filmtools Mini Colour Sync Slate
Sale price$133.87 ex. GST
Pack of 25mm bladesA single 25mm blade
Tajima Tajima Blades 25mm (LCB65), 10 Pack
Sale price$28.00 ex. GST
Blue Commando chalk holder, in packetSilver Commando chalk holder, in packet
Other Commando Chalk Holder
Sale price$19.33 ex. GST
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Side view of the toolA close up of the end of the tool
25mm cutter in pack, greenOrange cutter, out of pack
Kateni Endura Cutter 25mm
Sale price$13.04 ex. GST
A 10 pack of blades, with the lid openA single 25mm blade
Kateni Endura Blades 25mm, 10 Pack
Sale price$10.44 ex. GST
Multitool folded up, next to the caseMultitool, fully opened showing all the different tools
Bastex Bastex Multi-Tool
Sale price$35.13 ex. GST
Front, clappers closed3/4 angle, clappers open
Side viewClose up of the sockets
Dirty Rigger Rigger's Multi ToolDirty Rigger Rigger's Multi Tool
Kupo Slotted Screwdriver with T-Handle WS-095Kupo Slotted Screwdriver with T-Handle WS-095
Kupo Kupo Slotted Screwdriver with T-Handle
Sale price$36.58 ex. GST
Gaff GunGaffGun™
Other GaffGun™
Sale price$202.50 ex. GST
KeychainKeychain, next to a ruler
Filmtools English Stix Micro Keychain Slate
Sale price$11.27 ex. GST
Metal spring clampMetal spring clamp next to ruler
Other Value Spring Clamp, Metal
Sale price$6.86 ex. GST
18mm green cutter, in packet18mm green cutter
Tajima Tajima Knife, 18mm (LC501)
Sale price$16.43 ex. GST
Blue knife in packet
Tajima Tajima Knife 9mm (LC303)
Sale price$10.44 ex. GST
Red cutter in packet
Pack of 9mm bladesA single 9mm blade
Tajima Tajima Blades 9mm (LCB30), 10 Pack
Sale price$6.75 ex. GST
Chalk HolderBlue chalk holder, side view
Other Chalk Holder
Sale price$8.70 ex. GST
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Whole bladeDifferent angle
Other Black Safety Cutter, Dual Blade
Sale price$3.38 ex. GST
Round safety cutter, blue colour
Other Round Safety Cutter, Single Blade
Sale price$2.16 ex. GST
Partially unrolledIn packet
BMI BMImeter, 3m
Sale price$34.78 ex. GST
Pack of 18mm bladesAn 18mm blade out of the box, next to a clear plastic box of blades
Tajima Tajima Blades 18mm (LCB50), 10 Pack
Sale price$11.90 ex. GST
Leatherman in packet
Leatherman Leatherman Juice CS4
Sale price$149.39 ex. GST
Curve tool with each tool pulled outCurve tool with all tools put away
Gerber Gerber Curve Multi-Tool
Sale price$35.13 ex. GST
Splice tool with all parts open.Tool in packet
Gerber Gerber Splice Multi-Tool
Sale price$47.13 ex. GST
Aluminium handleRubber handle
Gerber Gerber EDGE - Clip Folding Utility Knife
Sale priceFrom $23.13 ex. GST
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Knife unfoldedKnife in packet
Gerber Gerber EAB Pocket Knife
Sale price$28.96 ex. GST
All 3 spring clamps, side by side25mm clamp
Other Spring Clamp, Metal
Sale priceFrom $2.36 ex. GST
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