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Showing 1 - 36 of 39 products
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Nichiban 1.5" Gaffer Tape, BlackNichiban 1.5" Gaffer Tape, Blue
Nichiban Nichiban Gaffer Tape, 1.5"
Sale price$5.22 ex. GST Regular price$8.26
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Sharpie Fine Point, BlueSharpie Fine Point, Permanent
Sharpie Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point
Sale priceFrom $3.80 ex. GST
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Sharpie Ultra Fine Point, black, lid onSharpie Ultra Fine Point, black, lid off
Sharpie Sharpie, Ultra Fine Point
Sale price$3.48 ex. GST
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Sharpie Whiteboard Marker, black, lid onSharpie whiteboard marker, black, with a KleenSlate eraser on the end
Sharpie Sharpie Whiteboard Marker
Sale price$4.30 ex. GST
Stabilo OHPen, Fine Tip, Green, lid onStabilo OHPen, Fine Tip, Blue, lid on
Stabilo Stabilo OHPen, Permanent, Fine Tip
Sale price$4.17 ex. GST
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Styluss Fluorescent Gaffer Tape, 1" Orange, front viewStyluss Fluorescent Gaffer Tape, 1" Orange, side view
Stylus Stylus 511 Gaffer Tape, Fluorescent Colours
Sale priceFrom $20.00 ex. GST Regular price$24.35
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3M Electrical Tape, blue
3M 3M Electrical Tape
Sale price$2.00 ex. GST Regular price$2.50
Save $19.31
Airhorn and cannister in packet
Other Air horn
Sale price$40.70 ex. GST Regular price$60.01
Save $9.82
Refill Cannister
Other Air Horn Refill Cannister
Sale price$19.78 ex. GST Regular price$29.60
Save $30.75
Dry Bag, 30L, BlueDry Bag, 30L, Blue
Brent MacDonald Canvas Dry Bag, 30L, Blue
Sale price$15.00 ex. GST Regular price$45.75
Save $13.63
Valve in packet
Dust Off Dust Off Plus - Vector Valve
Sale price$13.50 ex. GST Regular price$27.13
Save $11.30
Cloth in packetClose up of the cloth texture
Other Leather Chamois Cloth, Medium
Sale price$8.70 ex. GST Regular price$20.00
Save $6.62
Torch in packet
Navigator South Navigator South 3 LED Rubber Torch
Sale price$3.37 ex. GST Regular price$9.99
Save $10.76
Gooseneck LampClip
Other Gooseneck Lamp Twin Clip-On, LED
Sale price$7.24 ex. GST Regular price$18.00
Save $6.91
Torch in packet
Energizer Energizer LED Metal Light, 60 Lumens
Sale price$19.09 ex. GST Regular price$26.00
Save $2.98
Torch and batteries in packet
Varta Varta LED Day Light Torch
Sale price$10.02 ex. GST Regular price$13.00
Save $21.74
Torch in packet
Varta Varta Indestructible 1 Watt LED Torch
Sale price$28.25 ex. GST Regular price$49.99
Save $3.12
Torch in packet
Arlec Arlec WM110 Torch
Sale price$6.78 ex. GST Regular price$9.90
Save $16.99
4 pack AA rechargeable batteries4 pack AAA rechargeable batteries
Varta Varta Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack
Sale price$13.00 ex. GST Regular price$29.99
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Save $3.38
6V battery
Varta Varta Super Heavy Duty 6V Battery
Sale price$6.61 ex. GST Regular price$9.99
Save $8.56
Box of batteries
Varta Varta Industrial 9V Batteries, 12 Pack
Sale price$23.13 ex. GST Regular price$31.69
Save $2.44
A single CR2025 battery in packet
Varta Varta CR2025 Batteries
Sale price$2.55 ex. GST Regular price$4.99
Save $2.44
Single CR2016 battery in packet
Varta Varta CR2016 Batteries
Sale price$2.55 ex. GST Regular price$4.99
Save $9.79
4 Pack AA batteries4 pack AAA batteries
Varta Varta Professional Lithium Batteries, 4 Pack
Sale price$15.20 ex. GST Regular price$24.99
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Save $9.92
Front viewBack view, showing metal clip with logo engraved
Ripoffs Ripoffs Multitool Sheath
Sale price$12.08 ex. GST Regular price$22.00
Save $11.28
Front, in packet
Ripoffs Ripoffs BL-120
Sale price$29.72 ex. GST Regular price$41.00
Save $13.30
Front of pouch, lid closedBack of pouch, showing belt loop attachment
Brent MacDonald Canvas BM Knife Pouch
Sale price$15.00 ex. GST Regular price$28.30
Save $8.22
Black pouch, front viewBlack pouch, back view showing belt loops done up
Other Daruma Pouch
Sale price$16.68 ex. GST Regular price$24.90
Save $7.35
Front view of the clipboardSide angle of the clipboard
Other Aluminium Clipboard, A4
Sale price$12.22 ex. GST Regular price$19.57
Save $2.00
The bucket of chalk
Other Jumbo Playground Chalk, 20 Pack
Sale price$4.00 ex. GST Regular price$6.00
Save $1.13
Front view of the boxBack view of the box
Other Coloured Chalk, 12 Pack
Sale price$0.87 ex. GST Regular price$2.00
Save $3.26
Front view of the pack
Other Chalk & Eraser Set
Sale price$1.74 ex. GST Regular price$5.00
Save $15.57
Front view, with the document holder closedFront view, with the document holder open
Posse Posse Document Case
Sale price$14.43 ex. GST Regular price$30.00
Save $9.37
Rescue Tape, black, in packet
Rescue Tape Rescue Tape
Sale price$23.67 ex. GST Regular price$33.04
Save $2.17
1 single Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen, lid on
Faber-Castell Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen, Black
Sale price$4.79 ex. GST Regular price$6.96
Save $15.84
Pro Console Tape, 2" Fluorescent Green, side viewPro Console Tape, 2" Fluorescent Green, front view
Pro Tapes Pro® Console Tape, 2"
Sale price$21.16 ex. GST Regular price$37.00

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