Portsmouth Rentals Limited (Portsmouth Rentals, we, us, our) is pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy and receive goods (Products) from us through the Portsmouth Rentals website (Website) on the basis of the following terms:

1. Orders

a. In respect of each Product listed in your Checkout Summary, your order is an offer from you to Portsmouth Rentals to buy that Product from us.

b. Portsmouth Rentals will be bound to supply you the product (subject to its cancellation rights in clause 7 below) once payment has been processed and Portsmouth Rentals has sent you an email order confirmation.

c. Portsmouth Rentals reserves the right to accept or reject your order in full or part and for any reason including without limitation,

i. unavailability of product,
ii. an error in the price,
iii. an error in the image or the product description,
iv. an error in your order.

d. You warrant that all information and data provided by you in your order is accurate, complete and up to date. You will promptly notify Portsmouth Rentals if there is any change to this information or data.

e. You acknowledge Portsmouth Rentals, where permitted by law, reserves the right to limit the sale of products to reasonable or normal quantities.

f. All accepted orders supersede all previous quotes/estimates.


2. Information about Products

a. Due to photographic and screen limitations associated with the representation of products, some actual goods may differ to a small extent in visual appearance (for example in colour) from the way they appear on the Website.


3. Pricing and Payment


a. You must pay for all online purchases at the time of online checkout, prior to order confirmation, in accordance with one of the payment methods offered on the Website. Where we cannot fulfil an order, a refund will be provided under clause 8.

b. The prices of products, and any delivery or other charges, shown are in New Zealand dollars, exclusive of GST.

c. You acknowledge the price for products excludes delivery or shipping charges. Delivery or shipping charges will be payable on products purchased and may vary depending on the number of products to be purchased, the size or shape of the products and your delivery address.

d. Portsmouth Rentals may vary the prices on this Website at any time, and prices are subject to change until you have paid for the products in full.

4. Delivery (if applicable)

a. Where the product is able to be delivered, delivery options are listed at checkout. Where an item is unable to be freighted, this will be noted on each product's product page.

b. The option selected by you and the applicable estimated delivery times and delivery charges will be shown in your Checkout Summary. Portsmouth Rentals will use reasonable endeavours to deliver products within the time frame shown. However, as delivery is carried out by a third party, Portsmouth Rentals accepts no responsibility for items delivered late.
c. Where an order is lost during delivery, if it cannot be recovered from the courier company, Portsmouth Rentals will replace the items, or refund where applicable.

d. You will be notified via email once your products have been dispatched. Tracking information will be linked in the email.

e. If the product has not been delivered within a reasonable time (depending on the nature of the product and the delivery address), please contact us if you wish to cancel your order for that product and request a refund.

f. You must ensure there is clear and safe access for delivery, and that any necessary delivery instructions are communicated to us when the order is placed. Please ensure there is a person present at the delivery premises who is authorised by you to accept delivery. If there is not, you authorise and acknowledge that our delivery service providers will carry out delivery of the product(s) by leaving the product(s) at your doorstep or at the ground level of the delivery premises. Delivery does not include installation or moving of products inside your premises.

g. Delivery must be to an address within New Zealand.
h. Risk in the products passes to you upon delivery to your nominated delivery address, and title passes upon payment for the products in full.


5. In-Store Pick Up

a. There is an option to collect products from the Portsmouth Rentals’ store. This option is available to select at checkout for all products. If products are being collected, please collect them within 14 days after Portsmouth Rentals informs you that they are ready for collection. If you do not, then unless you make arrangements with us for late collection, Portsmouth Rentals will assume you have cancelled your order. This means Portsmouth Rentals may re-sell the Product(s), and you may be required to pay a re-stocking fee or, in the case of specially ordered or custom-made products, forfeit any deposit/payment you have made. As part of the collection process, Portsmouth Rentals may require you to book a collection time and to verify your identity upon collection.
b. If you are paying using a pre-approved Purchase Order (PO), a copy of the official PO will need to be presented and verified before goods are allowed to be collected. This can either be in person at time of collection or emailed to shop@portsmouth.co.nz beforehand.


6. Warranties and Liability

a. All products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under New Zealand consumer laws. You may be entitled to a replacement, repair or refund if a product is faulty.

b. Products may contain warranty documents on or inside the packaging provided by the manufacturer or distributor of the product. Unless clearly expressed otherwise, any such warranty is not given by Portsmouth Rentals.

c. All other warranties and representations are excluded, except those which are non-excludable in law. Where products supplied are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic and household use (for example, commercial products) or the products are purchased for business use, you agree the protections provided by New Zealand consumer laws do not apply, including, without limitation, the Consumer Guarantees Act.

d. To assist Portsmouth Rentals in resolving any problems you may experience, please inspect the products upon taking delivery and report any shortage, discrepancy, defect, wrong specification or similar problem to Portsmouth Rentals as soon as you become aware of it.


7. Cancellation by Portsmouth Rentals

a. You acknowledge that in some cases it may not be possible for Portsmouth Rentals to fulfil or meet your order and, therefore, Portsmouth Rentals may need to reject and cancel your order you have made for a product.

b. Portsmouth Rentals may cancel any order (in full or part) where:

i. you are in breach of your payment obligations;
ii. Portsmouth Rentals reasonably suspects that you are purchasing goods for the purposes of resale or resupply;
iii. Portsmouth Rentals becomes aware after order confirmation that the good is out of stock;
iv. there has been a genuine pricing or product description error; or
v. where the transaction is suspected of being the subject of credit card or payment-related fraud. Portsmouth Rentals will refund any amount already paid in respect of any cancelled order. In the case of part cancellation of an order, a refund will be provided on the amount paid that relates to the cancelled portion of the order.

8. Refunds & Returns

a. Our refunds and returns policy can be found here. Some products, including custom made products or special-order Products may not be returnable unless a warranty or guarantee is breached.


9. Privacy

a. Portsmouth Rentals collects your personal information to allow us to supply you with products or services. Portsmouth Rentals' Privacy Policy can be found on (insert website here)

b. By placing an order through this Website, you consent to Portsmouth Rentals collecting your personal information (including your name, contact details and delivery address) and providing it to third parties (including suppliers and delivery contractors) for the purpose of fulfilling and delivering your order. If you have any questions, email us at shop@portsmouth.co.nz

10. Inconsistency

a. These Terms of Sale, together with Portsmouth Rentals policies available on the Website (including our returns and privacy policies) apply to the exclusion of all other terms. In the event of any inconsistency between those documents, these Terms of Sale will take precedence.

11. Further information

a. Further information can be found on our FAQ page located here.