Biodegradable Corn Based Knife, 100 Pack

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Corn Based Knives (biodegradable), pack of 100

Eco-friendly disposable knives are an alternative to plastic and are made from 80% plastarch material (PSM)*, a biopolymer resin made from starch.


*Plastarch Material (PSM) is a biodegradable, thermoplastic resin. It is composed of starch combined with several other biodegradable materials. The starch is modified in order to obtain heat-resistant properties, making PSM one of few bioplastics capable of withstanding high temperatures. PSM began to be commercially available in 2005.

PSM is stable in the atmosphere, but biodegradable in compost, wet soil, fresh and salt water. It has a softening temperature of 125°C and a melting temperature of 156°C.

Since PSM is derived from a renewable resource (corn starch), it has become an attractive alternative to petrochemical-derived products. Unlike plastic, PSM can also be disposed of through incineration, resulting in non-toxic smoke and a white residue which can be used as fertilizer.

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