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Showing 109 - 144 of 434 products
CRC 808 front view, lid on
CRC CRC 808 Silicone Spray, 500ml
Sale price$12.70 ex. GST
3-In-One Oil, front
Other 3-in-1 Oil, 88.7ml
Sale price$11.13 ex. GST
WD40 Smart Straw, front, with straw extendedWD40 Smart Straw, front, with straw put down
WD40 WD40 Smart Straw, 337ml
Sale price$12.61 ex. GST
WD40 front, lid on
WD40 WD40, 489ml
Sale price$19.04 ex. GST
Front of can
Can of Formula 6
Can of Formula 5, lid on
Bag of rags
Other Bag of Rags 2kg
Sale price$15.22 ex. GST
A roll of Wypall
Kimberly-Clark WypAll Roll
Sale price$51.57 ex. GST
50 pack of green wipes100 pack pink wipes
Other All-Purpose Wipes
Sale priceFrom $8.26 ex. GST
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Save $11.30
Cloth in packetClose up of the cloth texture
Other Leather Chamois Cloth, Medium
Sale price$8.70 ex. GST Regular price$20.00
A pair of cotton gloves
Other Cotton Gloves (Pair)
Sale price$8.00 ex. GST
6 orangewood sticks in a pileClose up of the ends of the sticks, showing each stick has one rounded and one pointy end.
Other Orangewood Sticks, 6 Pack
Sale price$2.26 ex. GST
Puritan cotton swabs in an autoclave bagPuritan cotton swabs
Front of pad
Folded cloth, showing the words "Selvyt. Made In England"Close up of the fabric texture and edge finishing
Other Selvyt Cloth
Sale priceFrom $35.65 ex. GST
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Blue microfibre cloth in plastic wallet
Tangit wipes, front of packet
Tangit Tangit Ethanol Wipes
Sale price$35.65 ex. GST
Blue cloth in packet
Pink cloth in packet
Single blue clothPack of 5 cloths
Other General Purpose Microfibre Cloth
Sale priceFrom $1.74 ex. GST
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A single swab10 swabs
Front of packetSensor cleaning fluid and swabs
Save $6.62
Torch in packet
Navigator South Navigator South 3 LED Rubber Torch
Sale price$3.37 ex. GST Regular price$9.99
Save $10.76
Gooseneck LampClip
Other Gooseneck Lamp Twin Clip-On, LED
Sale price$7.24 ex. GST Regular price$18.00
Save $6.91
Torch in packet
Energizer Energizer LED Metal Light, 60 Lumens
Sale price$19.09 ex. GST Regular price$26.00
Save $2.98
Torch and batteries in packet
Varta Varta LED Day Light Torch
Sale price$10.02 ex. GST Regular price$13.00
Save $21.74
Torch in packet
Varta Varta Indestructible 1 Watt LED Torch
Sale price$28.25 ex. GST Regular price$49.99
Save $17.40
Head torch in packet
Varta Varta Indestructible 1 Watt LED Head Light
Sale price$22.59 ex. GST Regular price$39.99
Save $3.12
Torch in packet
Arlec Arlec WM110 Torch
Sale price$6.78 ex. GST Regular price$9.90
Save $16.99
4 pack AA rechargeable batteries4 pack AAA rechargeable batteries
Varta Varta Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack
Sale price$13.00 ex. GST Regular price$29.99
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4 Pack of Eneloop Pro batteries
Save $3.38
6V battery
Varta Varta Super Heavy Duty 6V Battery
Sale price$6.61 ex. GST Regular price$9.99
Save $8.56
Box of batteries
Varta Varta Industrial 9V Batteries, 12 Pack
Sale price$23.13 ex. GST Regular price$31.69
Save $2.44
A single CR2025 battery in packet
Varta Varta CR2025 Batteries
Sale price$2.55 ex. GST Regular price$4.99

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