SensorSafe Cleaning Wands Large, 10 Pack

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The Delkin 24mm SensorScope SensorSafe Wands are used in conjunction with sensor cleaning fluid to clean the image sensor of a digital camera. Each of the wands' heads are wrapped in a soft, lint-free fabric, feature a double-sided design for greater efficiency, and are wicked to absorb any excess fluid during the cleaning process. The Delkin SensorSafe Wands can be conveniently fit into a camera bag and can be accessed easily for cleaning your lens.

  • Large-sized SensorSafe Wands are designed for use with image sensors measuring 24mm tall (e.g. FX and full-frame format), and can be used to clean both coated and non-coated CMOS or CCD sensors.
  • For use in conjunction with sensor cleaning fluid to remove oils, condensation, pollen, and other debris on the sensor surface.
  • Wand's head is wrapped in soft, lint-free, and sterile fabric.
  • Double-sided design is wicked to absorb excess fluid for clean, streak-free results.

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