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Pack of 18mm bladesAn 18mm blade out of the box, next to a clear plastic box of blades
Tajima Tajima Blades 18mm (LCB50), 10 Pack
Sale price$11.90 ex. GST
Pack of 25mm bladesA single 25mm blade
Tajima Tajima Blades 25mm (LCB65), 10 Pack
Sale price$28.00 ex. GST
Pack of 9mm bladesA single 9mm blade
Tajima Tajima Blades 9mm (LCB30), 10 Pack
Sale price$6.75 ex. GST
Red cutter in packet
Blue knife in packet
Tajima Tajima Knife 9mm (LC303)
Sale price$10.44 ex. GST
18mm green cutter, in packet18mm green cutter
Tajima Tajima Knife, 18mm (LC501)
Sale price$16.43 ex. GST

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