Setwear Tool Pouch

SetwearSKU: SG5040

Sale price$52.00 ex. GST


The Setwear Tool Pouch is a great way to store your tools or personal items without being disruptive. When you're on set and the cameras are rolling silence is always golden. The last thing you'll want is to disrupt your shoot with the annoying sound of velcro or zippers. The Setwear Tool Pouch enables you to access your equipment while staying silent and discreet. The pouch also attaches to utility belts that are up to 3" thick, giving you a practical, efficient, and silent way to store your belongings.

  • Silently opens and closes
  • Fits belts up to 3"
  • Holds tools and accesories
  • 17.8cm x 16.5cm (7.5" x 6.5")

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