Setwear iPad Radio Chest Pack

SetwearSKU: SG5036

Sale price$100.00 ex. GST


The Setwear iPad Hands-Free Radio Chest Pack is an innovative take on the classic Setwear Radio Chest Pack. This new version retains all of the functions and features of the classic, with the bonus of being able to protect, carry and use your iPad or iPad Mini hands-free.

The chest pack features Setwear's rugged construction and attractive styling. It has a 4-way strap design that ensures a snug fit, with 2" shoulder straps, a tri-ring adjustable strap system, and a quick-release buckle. Fold-over compartments keep everything else secure and an elastic safety strap holds the radio in place. The chest pack utilizes the 'Silent on set' system to allow you to get in and out of your pouches without making a sound. The silent auto opening closure system adds ease to all workers without being disruptive on set. The user has full control over the slack or tension of the closure cord and can be replaced if the cord loses elasticity.


  • 8.5" (H) x 10" (W) x 1.5" (D)
  • Fits Original iPad or iPad Mini
  • Adjustable to fit most two-way radios
  • One quick release buckle and you're in or out.
  • 'Silent on set' system
  • Two convenient storage compartments
  • Pen and pencil slots
  • Tri-Ring strap system for optimal size adjustment
  • Made from 600D polyester

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