Pro Tapes Chroma Cloth Tape, 2" x 18m

Pro TapesSKU: ST6073

Colour: Chroma Green
Sale price$80.08 ex. GST


Pro® Chroma is used for invisible seaming of chroma colored back drops and cloths. Also used to key small objects or areas. It's high adhesion adhesive system sticks to a wide variety of materials.

Allows for invisible keying on chroma colored back drops where a thin tape line does not have to be edited out. Allows you to key out objects made of different materials. Conformable to irregular shapes and surfaces. Unlike other chroma products, there is no drying time, just stick and go.

  • Polyester cloth backing
  • High performance acrylic adhesive
  • 15mm thickness
  • Each roll measures 2" x 18m (20yd)

Available in Chroma Blue, and Chroma Green.

Product data sheet available here.

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