Nanlux Evoke 900C



Ever since its establishment, NANLUX has been pushing the boundaries of technology and integrating it into products in order to bring users creative tools with higher efficiency and possibility. NANLUX is in constant communication with users within the industry to explore new possibilities for products. As an answer to the expectation of full color and powerful point source lighting, the Evoke 900C arrives. 

The Evoke 900C has a state-of-the-art RGBLAC six color mixing system. Adding Lime, Amber and Cyan on base of the primary colors RGB, reaching a new altitude in color accuracy.

More information on the Nanlux website.

Comes With

Yoke, Power Supply, RF-NLM-45 Reflector, DC Connection Cable 7.5M,1 AC Power Cable 6M, 1 AS-CP-QR-EV Quick Release Clamp, WS-RC-C2 Remote Controller, User Manual, Trolley Case

Additional Accessories

FL-35YK (Fresnel) Lens, Parabolic Softbox 120cm/150cm, 26°/60° Reflector

Type Full-colour LED Spotlight, RGBLAC

Light Fixture: 7.7kg
Yoke: 1.84kg
Power Supply: 4.5kg

Output  940w
DC 48V
Mount Junior Pin
IP Rating IP55

On board, Remote Controller, NANLINK App, CRMX, DMX/RDM, Art-Net/sACN.

Cooling Fan, 4 modes

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