K-Line Dulling Spray, 400ml

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Colour: Semi-Matt
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The K-Line Matte Dulling Spray is the original favourite for cutting flare on polished articles.

Almost transparent in colour, Semi-Matte Dulling Spray can be used in colour photography, Film and TV without obscuring decorative designs. It is safe with most plastics. Used by museums on antiques, photographers, art departments, grip and special FX departments.

Black Colour Matte Dulling Spray can be used in colour photography without obscuring decorative designs. It is safe with most plastics. This is a matte with several uses, but it is not a permanent paint. It gives an "edge" to high-key subjects, controls small shadow or highlight areas, and reduces the "see through" in transparent objects.

4x Neutral Density Grey Dulling Spray gives a four times overall neutral cut, it can be sprayed on windows and transparent screens.

White Dulling Spray reduces flare on shiny white foregrounds. Simple effects obtained on small backgrounds, used alone or with matte black.


How to use: Shake the can well.  While spraying, hold no more than 30cm from the object. The spray sets in about 2 minutes, and more coats may be added if necessary.

K-LINE spray is safe with most materials, but a test should be made on a scrap surface if in doubt, especially with some types of plastics.

All K-Line sprays wipe off easily with a soft cloth, and all smears can be removed with a little light methyl spirit. None are intended to be permanent - they are rapid aids with a maximum of safety. CFC Free.

Extremely Flammable, see Safety Data Sheets below.

Please note that this items is classed as 'Dangerous Goods' and will incur an extra shipping charge.

More information is available on the Safety Data Sheet here.

Please note this item is classed as Dangerous Goods and may incur an additional freight fee.



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