HydraPanel Kit



Beam shaping with six included light modifiers and a large range of mounting options make the HydraPanel more flexible than any other product in its class. The full-spectrum Titan LED Engine generates an impressive 1300 Lumen output while running on battery power.

The kit contains 4 HydraPanels with beam modifiers and mounting accessories stored in a durable protective plastic case. Charging contacts are included, just insert the lights and connect the included power supply to charge the lights in the case.

Kit includes:

  • 4x HydraPanels
  • 4x FlexBase
  • 3x ConnectorPlate
  • 4x BabyPin 1/4"
  • 4x SoftFrame 100°
  • 4x Intensifier 80°
  • 4x EggCrate 40°
  • 4x EggCrate 60°
  • 4x DiffusorSheet
  • 4x GelHolder
  • 1x Power Supply for Hyperion Tube
  • 3x 200mm Power/Data Cable
  • Charging Case for HydraPanel
  • 8x Waterproof cover for charging ports

More information on the HydraPanel and the kit available on the Astera website.

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